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PayPal debuts free e-shopping returns in SA


Global Internet payments platform PayPal will now allow South African consumers to return goods purchased using the service, for free.

The launch of the PayPal Refunded Return service follows the launch of the product in 33 other countries.

The company said research it commissioned shows that South Africans regard free return shipping as a significant added value and crucial when making a decision about whether or not to buy an item online.

“Seventy-one percent of Internet users in South Africa would be more likely to start shopping online in the future or shop online more often if free return shipping was available,” the company quoted research firm Ipsos as saying.

Regardless of the reason for the return, users that ordered a product and paid for it via PayPal can now return it and get a refund for the return shipping, the company said.

“Return shipping costs represent an important factor when buying online, even more so when talking about cross-border shopping, with 78% of South African online shoppers saying that free return shipping would drive them to shop more online from another country,” PayPal said.

Users that ordered a product and paid for it via PayPal can return it regardless of the reason and get a refund for the shipping, up to R400 four times a year (the refund will be paid out in US dollars).

“The only thing one has to remember regarding the reimbursement is to keep the posting receipts,” it said.

Users must activate the free service on the PayPal website and must generate a claim with 14 days of returning their purchase. Refunds will be credited within five business days from a notice of approval of the refund request is issued.

In the initial test period, the PayPal Refunded Return service will be active until 31 December 2015.  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media

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  1. This is great news as shipping from SA back to China or where ever often exceeded the value of the goods.
    Now if someone could just investigate all those items that go missing after arriving in SA. Last year had a camera ordered from America, that never arrived. It had a GPS tracker embedded, and when activated it was tracked from customs hub in JHB to border of Kruger Park and Zimbabwe!
    Have always found Paypal very fair in their refund policy.

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