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Pinnacle cautions: Windows Server 2008 support ends soon – fail to upgrade at your peril

Pinnacle, South Africa’s leading ICT distributor and authorised distributor of Microsoft, has confirmed that Windows Server 2008 support ends soon. Users are advised to urgently upgrade.

Pinnacle spokeswoman Michelle Losco — digital director at Publishared — says security updates and warranty claims for Windows Server 2008/R2 end in January 2020. “Users can upgrade with Dell EMC or Hewlett Packard Enterprise now and by doing so they will enhance security, performance, scalability and cloud-readiness,” she says.

Losco explains why it is urgent to do this upgrade now. “Windows Server 2008 was limited to 64 logical processors, which by today’s standards leaves it in the slow lane for modern business operations. Windows Server 2016 & Windows Server 2019’s enhanced security protects on various layers including: identity, OS and virtualisation and in so doing disrupt attacks and isolate vulnerable targets. Support is confirmed to continue until at least 2023.

“Underlying a server’s performance is enough memory to cope with the load but 1TB of physical memory per server is not only yesterday’s news but is also the maximum Windows Server 2008 offered,” adds Losco.

She explains that the 2008 version operated when business demands were a fraction of what they are today and before the modern capabilities of the cloud. “Windows Server 2019 commands massively scalable and hardware-agnostic storage, networking and computes from a single interface, all while reducing expenses.”

Losco notes that Windows Server 2016 is available now. It will continue to receive product support (including security updates) until at least 2023. “Windows Server 2019, which builds on the strong foundation of Windows Server 2016, is scheduled for general release around the end of December.

“The latest Windows Servers have different hardware requirements to Windows Server 2008/R2. Most legacy servers are unsuitable and not optimised for newer Windows Server versions (2016 and 2019). To take full advantage of modern security, performance and efficiency features, running Windows Server 2016 and 2019 on modern servers is recommended,” she concludes.

To upgrade now, contact:

Helen Vermij — Pinnacle Microsoft brand manger via e-mail:
Ricky Pereira — Pinnacle DellEMC brand manager via e-mail:
Jeremy Lichtenstein — Pinnacle HPE brand manager via e-mail:

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