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Pinnacle drives Huawei’s FusionInsight Big Data platform into SA public and financial enterprise sectors

The development of the mobile Internet and the Internet of things (IoT) has led to exponential growth in complex and disordered data from which the public sector and all enterprises need to derive value in order to seize opportunities for innovation and service delivery.

Huawei’s FusionInsight from Pinnacle tackles the challenges presented by the digital transformation revolution.

Pinnacle is South Africa’s leading ICT distributor and authorised distributor of Huawei Technologies Enterprise products in South Africa and Africa.

Pinnacle’s Huawei business unit executive Fred Saayman says government management departments need to leverage these massive amounts of data to facilitate efficient administrative services. “Huawei’s FusionInsight Big Data platform has massive-data and real-time data processing engines with basic artificial intelligence (AI) at the core. It builds an ultra-extensive, smart and agile converged big data platform for customers in data-intensive industries. It is an ideal solution for the public sector, but it also has immense relevance for financial institutions, and carriers. FusionInsight enables enterprises and governments to quickly and accurately discover value from massive amounts of data, achieving good governance and improved operational efficiencies.”

Saayman says this is the first step in building an intelligent society. “The platform provides unified management of multiple clusters and tenants. It includes high availability for all components, non-disruptive rolling upgrades, capacity expansion, disaster recovery and backup capabilities. The solution can respond to: correlation analysis of 10 billion pieces of data; return results for queries of a hundred billion relationships on ten billion nodes and all in just seconds.”

He notes that Huawei’s FusionInsight Big Data platform features include:

  • A one-stop data integration and development (DataIDE);
  • Incorporate a unified data analysis platform, one-stop data annotation, feature extraction, model training, model evaluation and model release capabilities;
  • Enables collaborative data analysis across clusters and data centres (Pollux, unified SQL);
  • Employs AI algorithms such as regional signal light optimisation, secondary checkpoint image analysis and OCR forms, as well as batch platforms for unified management and scheduling; and
  • Allows unified access through Hadoop and MPPDB data convergence.

Fred Saayman

Saayman says the platform offers a powerful public safety police data search engine, suspected vehicle analysis, vehicle track analysis, relationship analysis, case analysis, public opinion analysis and track analysis. “In terms of financial services, the platform offers personal credit investigation; real-time risk control; precision marketing; business analysis; and real-time anti-fraud.

“Huawei’s FusionInsight Big Data solution is providing services to more than a thousand satisfied customers in 55 countries with more than 300 business partners. In terms of the challenges we face in this country regarding service delivery and more, this platform offers a potent and globally proven solution,” concludes Saayman.

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