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Predictions 2020: A new decade brings a wave of change and opportunity

Cameron Losco

The future is data. In a world that is increasingly digital, data lies at the heart of every opportunity, and is critical to meeting every global challenge, from business logistics to global crises.

In this report, 2020 and Beyond: Emerging Possibilities, Emerging Threats, a panel of technology experts from Splunk, distributed by Obscure Technologies, offers a dozen predictions around how technology will transform our business and daily lives in the future.

According to Cameron Losco, vendor manager for Splunk at Obscure Technologies, the paper stresses that one should never underestimate the importance of data. Algorithms could be harnessed to decide who is the best fit for a job interview. Intelligent automation could destroy your organisational culture, and at the same time can unlock human creativity.

Today’s security tools and solutions that can pinpoint clever phishing e-mails are ill-equipped to handle next year’s deep-fake phone calls and other clever obfuscation techniques driven by increasingly determined attackers.

These are merely a sample of the challenges and issues that will drive technology conversations this year and beyond, and every single one of them revolves around data. At the same time, businesses and consumers alike are facing a slew of technologies that will generate and allow us to manipulate previously unimagined quantities of data.

Splunk’s leading technologists pooled their insights and knowledge to give you an idea of how this tsunami of data will manifest, and how forward-thinking businesses can remain one step ahead.

Near-term synergy

This report explores three areas — IT operations, IT security and emerging technologies — and scrutinises the near-term synergy of the Internet of things and 5G technologies, and the long-term impact of ignoring user experience. And because organisations that thrive will be the ones that drive every decision with hard data, the report will examine the cost of leaving so much valuable business data in the dark.

Download this free report, to learn how algorithms will decide where you can work; why deep-fakes will transform phishing scams; the near-term explosion of augmented reality; the AI weakness that’s vulnerable to exploitation; and why your cloud data isn’t as safe as you think.

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