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Questions to ask when buying social media technology

Kelvin Jonck

YOUKNOW is well established in South Africa as the leading provider of the world’s top social media technology platforms. MD Kelvin Jonck says that picking the best tech providers in their field — with confidence — has contributed to its success.

“We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have such incredible, forward-thinking clients who trust us to provide them with the best social tech stack and to ensure that it fits their needs,” says Jonck.

The platforms that YOUKNOW supports assist its clients in evolving their social operations and moving from entry-level software to enterprise solutions.

“One of the primary stumbling blocks that YOUKNOW finds when talking to professionals in the industry is that they originally struggled getting the most out of their previous vendors due to mismatches in expectations,” says Jonck.

These expectations seem to stem from a misunderstanding that most social media tech platforms are one-size-fits-all solutions. Many organisations start their journey by mandating someone to find them a “social listening” platform. Then the expectation is that their chosen platform will allow them to manage all aspects of their current and future social media operations.

The reality is that as social media has expanded as an industry, and so have the various tools available to excel in those areas. What used mostly to be “social listening” now includes:

  1. Social listening
  2. Social analytics
  3. Audience analytics
  4. Social media management
  5. Social media publishing
  6. Paid media management
  7. Social influencer insights and management
  8. Social customer care
  9. And more…

In The Guide to Buying Social Media Tech (with Check Lists), the social media technology landscape is broken down into three distinct pillars to help us understand why specific tools work for certain objectives. It also highlights the various levels of technology available, so that buyers understand the difference between cheaper, entry-level platforms and enterprise-grade products intended for more mature organisations.

Examples of enterprise-level solutions that YOUKNOW provides include Brandwatch, Crimson Hexagon, Khoros, Hootsuite Enterprise and more.

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