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Sentech is back in the broadband business

State-owned broadcasting signal distributor Sentech is back in the broadband business.

The company, which launched MyWireless in 2004 as a consumer alternative to Telkom’s then-expensive and limited ADSL service, used the AfricaCom conference currently take place in Cape Town to announce the new offering, called Sentech Connect, which is aimed at government users.

Though Sentech has provided scant details about what network technology it’s using to provide the new service and its coverage reach, it doesn’t appear to be an effort to resurrect MyWireless in the consumer space. (TechCentral has asked Sentech for more information about the network, the technology it’s using and the cost of deployment.) The MyWireless service ultimately failed as the company wasn’t geared to providing consumer-level products and support.

Sentech CEO Mlamli Booi said in a statement that Sentech is “well positioned to play a significant role in the implementation of SA Connect’s mandate and servicing of government with wireless broadband services”. SA Connect is government’s broadband strategy plan.

“Sentech Connect will digitise health care, education and government services in underserviced and rural areas, bridging the digital divide with fast, reliable broadband connectivity,” the company said in the statement.

Up to 100Mbit/s

“The broadband offering will range from bandwidth of 10Mbit/s to 100Mbit/s, allowing for the creation of smart classrooms; smart city services; smart clinics and hospitals; the Internet of things (IoT); and public safety initiatives,” it said. “These solutions will make use of various networks ranging from broadband to ultra-narrowband.”

Booi said Sentech will “leverage its infrastructure” in its expansion into connectivity.

“Sentech has gladly accepted the task of ensuring the country’s connectivity, especially in rural and underserviced areas.”  — (c) 2019 NewsCentral Media

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