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SnapScan makes paying at restaurants deliciously simple

I get really frustrated when I’ve just enjoyed a wonderful meal out with friends, only to be held hostage by the waiter with their card machine right at the end. Paying the bill for a large group can be complicated and making sure everyone gives their share of the tip can be a minor nightmare.

SnapScan makes this simple. I generally use the calculator on my phone to determine what I owe, so my phone is already out. Then all I need to do is:

  • Open the app and scan the SnapCode, the QR code that has been printed on the bill or the stand that’s been brought to the table;
  • Enter in my amount;
  • Select a tip option of 10%, 15% or 20%; and
  • Confirm the payment with my fingerprint.

It’s really that simple. The last bit of maths is taken care of by the app, and the moment I’ve scanned the SnapCode I can pass the bill on to someone else so they can pay their share. Multiple people can even scan the same SnapCode simultaneously. It’s really quick with large groups, and it’s just as quick when I’m on my own.

You can use SnapScan in a variety of restaurants across the country — from your burger cravings at RocoMamas, your heart-warming breakfast at Knead, to your road trip refuel at Wimpy.

SnapScan isn’t just about good food, it’s all about amazing coffee. Coffee shops and coffee lovers love SnapScan. Why? When people are ordering takeaway coffee, they are in a hurry — and SnapScan is quick. Who doesn’t scroll through Instagram while they’re waiting for their order? Your phone is already in your hand, so use it to pay, too.

Going out for a meal is about more than the food, it’s also about the service, the decor, the experience. Paying the bill shouldn’t take a long time. SnapScan makes paying the bill convenient for both customers and restaurants.

Restaurants who are interested in getting SnapScan can visit SnapScan’s website for more information. Existing merchants can e-mail with any questions, or to activate features like ‘Tipping’ for their account.

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