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Splunk’s ‘Data-to-Everything’ Platform, distributed in SA by Obscure Technologies

Data, and the technology we use to analyse and understand it, is transforming the way we work and live, and driving unprecedented innovation.

Entire industries are advancing in front of us, and even the smallest enterprises can have a global footprint if they choose. And the pace of change isn’t slowing; it is faster than ever as we find ourselves on the brink of a tsunami of digital acceleration.

5G is becoming a widespread reality, and the number of connected devices has skyrocketed to some 22 billion, according to Strategy Analytics, which claims the number is set to reach 38.6 billion in the next five years, and 50 billion in the next decade.

Disruptive technologies such as blockchain are opening myriad possible use cases, and artificial intelligence, driven by the flood of data that is drowning today’s enterprises, is bringing previously unimagined insights and unprecedented speed.

Organisations that are utilising the full power of their data to glean actionable insights are thriving, and those who aren’t are being left behind.

Savvy business leaders know that their companies are spending billions of rand and innumerable hours to try to realise the full potential of their data.

They are struggling to capture, integrate, analyse and manage the enormous volumes of data across multiple systems, which is keeping their attention on data sources rather than data outcomes.

Not enough

Unfortunately, having data is not enough — it is what we do with it that matters. Bringing data into every question our businesses ask, every decision we make and every action we take is critical. However, in an increasingly connected and rapidly evolving world that is producing data exponentially and from an increasing number of sources, organisations must manage the challenge of keeping up with it all — and turning it into true action and insight.

Data is the critical asset that drives every innovation, every strategy, and every success.

Reaching a data-enriched state requires a single, robust platform that frees businesses up to act without worrying about where their data is or where it comes from. It must let non-technical business users run reports and data scientists run wild — and enable the entire organisation to leverage the power of data. This approach means fewer, smarter technology investments, less complexity and fewer barriers between data and action.
We call this the Data-to-Everything Platform by Splunk, distributed in South Africa by Obscure Technologies.

Download the free whitepaper to learn how Splunk brings the data to every question, every decision and every action now.

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