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Students will save time at SU, with SnapScan

Stellenbosch University (SU) is making use of exciting mobile payments technology on its campuses, offering safe and convenient solutions to its community.

When I studied at Peking University in Beijing, we used Alipay to top up our student cards — it’s really exciting to see convenient innovations that solve real problems taking shape in South African universities. Being able to top up on the go saved me a lot of time because I didn’t necessarily know when I was going to need various services, or when my previous top-up had run out. It’s so encouraging that students at a South African university will be able to experience these conveniences with SnapScan.

Stellenbosch University fees, as well as prepaid services like Internet, printing, washing and meals, can now be paid within the SnapScan app. People can even use the funds in their SnapScan Wallets to make these payments.

Pay SU student accounts

Stellenbosch University has been added to the Bills section of the SnapScan app, which means that app users can now pay university fees via SnapScan.

Parents, students or any fee payer can settle student accounts using the SnapScan app and the relevant student number. This will be much faster than having to add a beneficiary on a banking app, and one doesn’t need to worry about getting the reference or account number wrong. People can even activate proof of payment via e-mail in the menu of their SnapScan app.

Students can purchase prepaid Internet, printing, meals and laundry credits

Stellenbosch University can be found in Prepaid in the SnapScan app (among prepaid electricity, airtime, data and more).

Students can purchase prepaid services for the university through the app. This will save students time as these services used to be purchased at the university’s cashiers in the central administration building.

We’re really excited about what 2020 will bring, and are looking forward to making students’ lives easier on campus. These features are currently only available for Stellenbosch University, but it is hoped that other universities will be interested in incorporating SnapScan’s convenient payment solutions onto their campuses.

Visit SnapScan’s website for more information about its services, or download the app now.

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