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Sun’s out, and the outdoor markets are calling

Summer’s imminence is clearer every day. Summer gives us many wonderful outdoor weekend activities, and markets happen to be one of my favourites. Markets are more than a shopping trip, or venture to buy food — they’re an experience. Markets give us the opportunity to see the faces behind our purchases. We meet the people who dreamed up the quirky outfits or delicious snacks we love so much. They also give entrepreneurs a chance to meet us, and see our faces as we browse the rails or taste a treat. Markets are awesome!

In our early years, SnapScan gained traction at outdoor markets. We solved a really big problem for both market vendors and those visiting the market. Small businesses wanted a safe and easy way of receiving card payments, and people wanted a way to pay with their cards after they’d run out of cash or simply not brought enough with them. ATMs at markets aren’t fun — they often have long lines, insufficient cash or are expensive to use. Flash forward five years, and SnapScan is as popular as ever at various markets across the country.

What businesses can do to prep for market season:

  • Sign up for SnapScan! SnapScan merchants only pay when they’re trading, and given the seasonal element of markets we’ve found that a transaction-based fee structure really suits these entrepreneurs.
  • If you’re already a merchant, have a look at our SnapStore to see if any of the other collateral, besides the perspex stand, tickles your fancy. We have SnapCodes on lanyards and metal SnapCodes as well as notification phones available.
  • Download the app and explore the different features. There’s no better way to help a potential customer make their first SnapScan payment than if you’re comfortable with the process yourself.

Do you love going to markets? Make your life easier and become a Snapper, join the mobile payments revolution:

  • Download the SnapScan app and link your card (you can load up to three, if you want).
  • SnapScan payments require your pin or fingerprint for authentication so its a safe and secure way to pay.
  • If you want to make sure you stick to a budget and don’t get carried away (let’s be honest, we’ve all been there) you can load funds into you SnapScan Wallet and then pay from there. This way you can stick to your predetermined budget.

The SnapScan home screen gives app users a great record of their purchases. I’ve used this to remember the names of stores so that I can follow them on Instagram once I’m home. You also don’t run the risk of forgetting where you’ve spent your money.

Some of our favourite markets in Cape Town are Orangezicht City Farm, Root44 and the Old Biscuit Mill. Johannesburg has a burgeoning market scene, which all have a distinctive Jozi vibe. Try out the Fourways Farmers and Neighbourgoods markets.

Snapscan is just a small part of the outdoor market experience. We hope to make things a little easier and remove the stress that can be associated with paying and getting paid.

For more information, visit SnapScan’s website.

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