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SuperSport lands HD soccer deal

MultiChoice is cementing its dominance in local sports broadcasting. Its subsidiary, SuperSport, will launch a new, dedicated, high-definition football channel, SSHD2, on 13 August, offering all the games in the English Premier League.

The competition, which consists of 380 matches, will be broadcast to all countries in sub-Saharan Africa, with the exception of Nigeria, SuperSport says.

About 180 of the games will be broadcast live, with the remaining games recorded for later broadcast. The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

SSHD2 will be the fourth high-definition channel offered by MultiChoice, and the second such sports channel.

The company has carried an extra high-definition sports channel for the 2010 soccer World Cup.

Apart from the eight live matches a week, there will be four weekly magazine shows, 400 classic matches, plus a review of the past decade and the best goals from the past 10 seasons, SuperSport says.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral

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  1. Amazing technology! I’m not a soccer fan but do like motorsport. My query to MultiChoice regarding bouquet selections and freedom of choice rather than prescriptive offerings elicited the following response:
    “We, at MultiChoice, appreciate any feedback, both positive and negative, as this provides us with valuable insight into the way you, as subscriber (presumption – I’m not a subscriber), perceive our service and product.
    The channels, available on each of the bouquets, are pre selected and defined. They were selected according to the rights and price agreements that MultiChoice was able to secure with the relevant channel suppliers.
    MCA constantly investigates how it can enhance the viewing experiences of its subscribers. We do visit the niche viewership sector to ascertain which channels are required to satisfy subs viewing. However, of late we have been experiencing challenges around the scarcity of bandwidth.
    Until this situation changes, very few channels can be added to the DStv bouquet. Having stated the above, one must acknowledge that the proposals are valid and would be extended to the appropriate people for consideration.
    Any new additions will be communicated to our customers.”
    With their new offerings I think MultiChoice need to appoint a new spin-doctor.
    Soccer is obviously FAR more lucrative than motorsport, but in reality “Multi Choice” is not a mission statement of the company; you will watch what they tell you to. Thanks, but no thanks DSTV.

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