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Very soon – much sooner than you think – your car will drive itself. While you chat on the phone, work on your laptop, read or even sleep, your car will drive you wherever you need to go. In fact, in a decade or two, your car probably won’t even have a steering wheel or pedals

Dell is about to spend US$67bn buying a company that many people have never even heard of — EMC. It’s the largest acquisition of a technology company in history. To put it bluntly, Dell is gambling its entire future on this one deal. Dell wants EMC mainly because of one of its VMware

At the end of this year, Facebook will launch a satellite into orbit to provide free access to the Internet to the African continent. Yes, really. But what is a social networking service doing mucking around with satellites? To be completely accurate, Facebook has partnered with

Every September for the past three years, Apple has announced its new product lines. And every year the new features have felt more incremental and less impressive. But does it really matter? Take the product most important to

It’s installed on a billion computers around the globe, but before the end of this decade Adobe Flash will be dead. After two decades of ubiquity, the Flash platform is finally collapsing under its own weight. Flash Player used to be everywhere. You used it to

One in five of the personal computers sold worldwide in the last quarter of 2014 may have security holes so serious that even an amateur hacker could easily and silently penetrate its defences. All of the compromised computers were manufactured by Lenovo