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Taxify, OrderIn partner for food delivery in SA

Uber Eats and Mr D Food may soon have a more formidable competitor. Ride-hailing firm and Uber rival Taxify and homegrown food delivery company OrderIn announced on Tuesday that they have partnered in South Africa.

The deal will “significantly expand the reach and offering of both companies”, they said in a joint statement.

“The partnership will offer incentives to customers and additional earning power to Taxify drivers,” they said. “It all comes down to scale; with more scale we can offer greater efficiency to our customers and reduce our prices even further,” said OrderIn founder and CEO Dinesh Patel.

The collaboration will be promoted through social media, in car and in app. Discount coupon codes will be offered to first time OrderIn and Taxify users and ongoing incentives will be made available to regular customers.

“We’re continuously on the look-out for innovative ways to incentivise our drivers and grow our customer base in local markets. The partnership with OrderIn was a logical next step for us,” said Taxify operations manager Sinako Cetyiwe.

Launched in 2012, OrderIn has a network of 1 200 restaurants in all the major metropolitan areas. It charges a R10 delivery fee.

Taxify, which was relaunched in South Africa in 2016, operates in 20 countries.  — (c) 2018 NewsCentral Media

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  1. I once decided to try out Taxify and when I requested a ride, was told there were none available. I deleted the app and got an Uber home. Not sure if the same will happen with my food.

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