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TechCentral: South Africa’s B2B tech platform leader

The South African online readership numbers for June are in and, once again, TechCentral has emerged as the leader in business-to-business technology news — by far!

The latest statistics from audience measurement and analytics firm Narratiive show TechCentral was 73.1% larger than its next-nearest competitor in the B2B technology space in June when measured in terms of unique readers (408 553 vs 235 967).

“It’s hugely gratifying to see the enormous growth in website traffic, especially since March when the nationwide lockdown started,” said TechCentral founder and publisher Duncan McLeod.

“It’s clear that business readers in the ICT sector are turning to quality digital platforms for their news and analysis.”

Michelle Losco, TechCentral’s sales director, said the publication has strongly cemented its lead in the B2B technology space and has big plans to build on that in the months and years ahead.

TechCentral, she said, already offers the most powerful business-focused multimedia offerings for the ICT industry through audio and video podcasts as well as content marketing tools. In the emerging area of webinars, the publication is reaching key C-suite executives like no other technology website in South Africa can.

Business vs consumer

Though there are some websites that have made claims to reach influential business decision makers, a cursory glance at the headlines on those platforms shows they are very much focused on the retail consumer segment.

There’s nothing wrong with targeting retail consumers. However, companies looking to leverage their marketing budgets to sell products and services to other companies should be keenly aware of where they’re investing their marketing rands, especially in a time of crisis such as now, where every marketing cent counts.

South African technology websites that crow about having millions and millions of unique visitors every month are, by definition, consumer focused. There may be a few business readers in their numbers, sure, but B2B marketers should be cautious not to dilute their advertising spend through a spray-and-pray-and-let’s-hope-something-sticks approach to advertising.

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