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TechCentral TV: the pilot episode

Welcome to TechCentral TV. This is a pilot, proof-of-concept show that TechCentral has produced in partnership with Traffic Corporate Media Communication, the people behind the Mindset Learn channel on DStv and TopTV.

Let us know what you think, and please bear in mind that this is a proof of concept, a “beta” if you like.

We may produce more, especially if you like the concept. What would you like to see in a show like this? Is there a market for a technology show with a business focus?

Please use the comments section below to provide your feedback.

In the pilot, we talk to Cell C CEO Lars Reichelt, chat to independent analyst Irnest Kaplan about financial results from Dimension Data and Datatec, and we find out more about a new Linux-based netbook, the Linkbook, from Neil Watson.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral

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  1. Watching it now, and this is definitely a good idea. I think there is a market for something like this – all the business news up to now has been finance, trading and so on, and it’s refreshing to see something oriented at local tech.

    That being said, is Mindset Learn really the best channel to broadcast on? I’d have figured more a business/news network, since this isn’t particularly an *educational* program?

    ~ Wogan

  2. Great concept for an “add-on”, and hope to see it in action soon! But for now…lose the chocolate sofas, please, they’re very sleep-inducing…don’t rely overly on the autocue, it’s way too formal…the show generally needs a lot more pace, and crucially, it should have more of a high-tech feel…why not start with a look at hot new gadgets or some lighter tech stories before moving into the hardcore market stuff…and I hope you won’t ever use PowerPoint slides for real, they’re a guaranteed fast-forwarder! Anyway, just my honest thoughts, you have a natural presence on-camera, good voice, easygoing manner…I look forward to seeing the actual product!

  3. @Gerhard @Travis Thanks for watching and for the feedback. Agreed with both of you. Lots of learnings here for how we proceed

  4. Enjoyed the show, and think it’s a great concept. I’m a big fan of the revision3 shows (diggnation), but it’s nice to see an SA tech show. I particularly enjoyed the interview with Lars Reichelt and would like to see more of those in future episodes.

  5. Great Idea. Now I can listen & wacth while I work. When are u rolling it out?

  6. Loved the show! As usual, more quality content from TC. I agree with @Gerhard and @Travis though in terms of the scripted feel, but I am sure this will improve with practice and as you get more comfortable in front of the cameras. Also don’t enjoy the PPT add-in’s. Rather look at using a ticker like CNN/Summit with salient features because the quality of the PPT isn’t good enough to get the details. Looks like you have found your new niche in the market. Well done Duncan! I look forward to the next episode!

  7. Great show – well done with this initiative. Also nice to be able to watch in online!

  8. I love it – it gives a nice summary of the ICT news, which would make me more knowledgeable! Wonderful idea!!! Please provide the speaker’s title and where they work/who are they representing (company).

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