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TechCentral Webinar: How companies can cope with the ‘new normal’

From safe work environments to secure remote access, organisations – especially in the hospitality, health care, property and education industries – are grappling with how to keep onsite employees safe, and remote workers productive and secure.

With this in mind, TechCentral brings you a webinar on 28 July – in partnership with Datacentrix and Hewlett Packard Enterprise – to discuss the companies’ 360-degree solution for organisations dealing with the necessity of hybrid remote/onsite working.

The webinar will also feature a presentation by the leading economist, Dr Roelof Botha. Register for the webinar now and don’t miss out — attendance is strictly limited to 100 people.

“Organisations that require a physical presence to remain operational, including schools, hospitals, and hotels and restaurants, recognise that their first responsibility is the well-being of both their staff and their customers, patients and learners. Given the unprecedented measures required to ensure safety, most of these organisations have delayed re-opening, or are doing so without proper guidance or with inadequate safety mechanisms in place,” said Francois Aucamp, sales lead at HPE.

Additionally, most businesses have approached a hybrid model – recognising that some staff, in theory, can remain as remote workers indefinitely, while others should begin returning to the workplace. This raises a unique challenge for organisations dealing with sometimes sensitive information that must be accessed remotely.

“From best practice and compliance to regulation, such as the Protection of Personal Information Act, it’s a daunting undertaking to provide staff with full access to resources, while ensuring adequate security precautions are in place,” said Aucamp.

He said the financial outlay required to implement effective solutions to the pandemic is a stumbling point for many local businesses whose cash flow has been impacted by the lockdown.

Addressing safety, security and productivity

HPE, in partnership with Datacentrix, has deployed a 360-degree solution for organisations facing the necessity of a hybrid remote/onsite working model.

Learn more in this information-packed webinar, hosted by TechCentral’s editor, Duncan McLeod. Speakers include:

  • Thought leader and former economic policy advisor to the national treasury, Dr Roelof Botha;
  • HPE South Africa’s sales lead, Francois Aucamp; and
  • Anton Pauw from HPE’s Financial Services division.

Attendance of the webinar is free, but registration is required – please click here to register.

Date: 28 July 2020
Time: 9.30am – 10.30am

The webinar will offer guidance and advice on identified high-risk areas, allowing you to maximise safety, security and productivity for your onsite and remote teams. It will address:

Onsite safety

  • Social distance tracing and tracking: This essential safety protocol is a challenge to implement, especially in fluid environments. The webinar will provide the tools to manage social distancing guidelines.
  • Touchless entry: Designed to increase hygiene and reduce congestion.
  • Fever detection: This offers both detection and tracing, while being non-intrusive.

Remote collaboration

  • Augmented reality and virtual remote guidance: Providing an “in the room” collaboration experience between onsite and remote employees, for undertakings such as complex maintenance operations or “in person” training.
  • Workplace alerts and information sharing: Using apps and dashboards, we can share vital information and location-specific alerts.
  • Connectivity, secure remote access and virtual desktop infrastructure.

Security, privacy and regulatory compliance are cornerstones of any solution of this nature, and the webinar will address and work through these aspects. We’ll also address advisory, deployment and professional services, management of change, and financing, providing you with a holistic approach to exceptional organisational challenges.

Registration is required and places are strictly limited to 100 people. Click here to register.

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