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Telkom CEO’s letter to departing staff

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko

Telkom on Thursday confirmed that almost 2 400 employees’ applications for voluntary severance and early retirement packages have been accepted by the telecommunications operator.

Most of these employees will leave Telkom today, Friday. A total of 2 393 people will leave Telkom’s employ, representing 13% of the company’s total workforce.

On Thursday afternoon, Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko wrote a letter to the departing employees in which he encouraged them to put their skills to good use. The letter is republished in full below and is unedited.

Dear Telkom colleague

Tomorrow we say goodbye to most of the almost 2,400 employees who have opted for a VSP or VERP, and who will now proceed along a new path outside Telkom.

I speak on behalf of my team, and indeed the people of Telkom, when I say “thank you”. Thank you for serving the company in good times and bad. Thank you for standing firm during times of expansive change. Thank you for your role in moving Telkom forward. I know that especially the long-time employees take leave of Telkom with a lifetime of memories. Whatever your recollections of Telkom, never lose sight of the fact that this organisation has achieved remarkable things. You were part of it; you helped make it happen. Be proud.

Many employees who are about to leave Telkom have enquired whether we can assist them in finding alternative employment. Pursuing a new career is a personal journey, and Telkom is not in a position to provide advice on employment options. I would, however, like to draw your attention to the following:

  • You can visit the FutureMakers website to learn more about our Enterprise and Development Programme. While any big or innovative idea will be considered, the FutureMakers team is especially interested in ideas that relate to the setting up, or development of small, black-owned businesses able to operate in the networks supply chain. Employees who worked in the CTO environment must consider that such businesses include field technician services and cable installation. The FutureMakers Programme can assist you in a number of ways and it will be well worth your while to contact them.
  • By sending an e-mail to you can request a copy of our key suppliers’ contact details. These suppliers support our business and may well be interested in your skills.

I want to wish you everything of the best as you start a new phase of your life, be it a new career as a full-time employee, an entrepreneurial adventure or a well-deserved retirement. Use your skills. Draw on your experience. Above all, believe in yourself.

Best regards



  1. I’m actually quite stunned that the racism in the ANC would be so blatantly on public display as in this nasty little letter from Telkom’s head office.
    If this communication does not show clearly that the ANC is on a path of Economic Genocide against the minorities in this country then nothing will.
    I trust that this last communication will be sent on to the WTO and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights by all the opposition parties here in South Africa.
    So, from Monday 3-8-2015 these white ex-Telkom employees will not only have to battle to make their own way in a devolving market but they will ALSO have to struggle against enthusiastically enforced RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, especially from their former employer!
    All In all a shameful show of ethnic cleansing from Maseko down.
    This cannot be tolerated.

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