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Telkom debuts new ‘unlimited’ call plans

Attila Vitai

Attila Vitai

Telkom’s mobile arm has introduced new contract plans that offer unlimited on-network mobile calls as well as unlimited calling to one user-designated fixed-line number.

Some of the new Telkom Mobile “SmartPlan” and “SmartSaver” contract voice plans also offer access to free Wi-Fi at company-owned hotspots (a 10GB/month “fair-usage policy” applies) and come bundled with data and SMSes.

“We know that some people use a lot of voice, some use a combination of voice and data, and others lots of data, so we have structured our plans that way,” says Telkom Mobile MD Attila Vitai.

The SmartSaver hybrid plans allow consumers to cap their monthly usage. If they require more airtime, they can buy a top-up bundle.

At the top end, Telkom is offering 500 minutes of airtime to all networks, unlimited calls to Telkom Mobile and 8ta numbers (for the first year only), unlimited calls to one Telkom fixed-line number, unlimited SMSes and 1,2GB of data for R629/month. The out-of-bundle call rate is R1,50/minute and out-of-bundle data is priced at R1/MB (see table below for price details of all the new plans).

Subsidised handsets are not included in the new contracts.


The introduction of new plans follow Telkom’s launch of unlimited voice contracts, which provide unlimited calling to all local numbers for a fixed R1 199/month. “It has already proved popular among subscribers who make a lot of calls but want certainty about the amount they will pay without the need to constantly consider particular contract provisions,” Telkom says.

Rival Vodacom recently introduced a similar product.

“Telkom Mobile is moving swiftly into new market segments as we aim to deliver on the demands of high-usage customers,” says Vitai.  — (c) 2013 NewsCentral Media

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