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Telkom set to unveil higher-speed ADSL

The winter solstice. 21 June. That’s the likely date on which Telkom will announce long-anticipated upgrades to its broadband network and begin offering, hopefully soon thereafter, download speeds over fixed lines of up to 10-12Mbit/s.

Until now, the fastest broadband the company has provided has offered download speeds of up to only 4Mbit/s. Its two other “broadband” packages offer downloads of just 512kbit/s and 384kbit/s.

The telecommunications operator has been working to upgrade its access network — the bit that connects consumers to its telephone exchanges — so that it can begin offering higher-speed broadband using asynchronous digital subscriber line (ADSL) technology.

It has installed fibre-optic cables closer to people’s homes so that it can provide services using ADSL2+, an upgrade to ADSL that is capable of offering download speeds of up to 24Mbit/s over copper.

If Telkom is true to form, it will use its annual results presentation — set to take place on 21 June — to announce the upgrades. It has used its results presentations in previous years to announce changes to its broadband offerings, including price reductions.

Telkom is under pressure to increase the speeds on its ADSL network as rivals in mobile begin deploying wireless networks capable of theoretical download speeds of up to 21,6Mbit/s.

Both Vodacom and MTN have built 3G networks capable of theoretical download speeds of up to 14,4Mbit/s. And both companies, as well as Cell C, are building 3G services capable of 21,6Mbit/s (in theory).

Analysts and consumers will also be watching Telkom closely to see how it reacts to MWeb’s decision to introduce uncapped broadband offerings.

A host of Internet service providers now offers uncapped solutions and Telkom is under growing pressure to respond with uncapped or high-capped offerings of its own.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral

  • It would be great to see some movement at the bottom end of the ADSL market for a change. Telkom’s neglected 384kbps line offering is getting very long in the tooth and, quite frankly, is frustrating the people who want fast Internet but just simply can’t afford the R400 Telkom Tax attached to a 4Mbps line.

    How about a shift to the right? 384k becomes 512k, 512k becomes 4Mb, and 4Mb becomes 10Mb. Or even better, kill off 384k and 512k, make 4Mb the entry level account (at the same price as the 384k/512k line) – wishful thinking, I know.

    But this is 2010. The word “kilobyte” shouldn’t even feature in the same sentence as “ADSL”.

  • Gareth

    Hopefully they also do something about their data bundles, would like to see saix based accounts at the same price as the IS accounts.

  • McT

    Christmas in June? 🙂

  • mohammed

    ya-how a bout upgrading 384& 512 users?
    theuy are ripping us off

  • optimistic

    agree with @nicolascallegari

    shift to the right seems logical and almost expected, re last upgrade (128 became 384, 384 became 512 and 512 became 1MB/4MB and 128 was killed)

    this time they should do a bigger shift, like 384 becomes 1Mb, 512 becomes 4Mb and 4Mb becomes 10Mb. 384 and 512 should die. again valid point nicolascallegari makes, its 2010 and kb shouldn’t be linked with ADSL anymore.

    How does not make sense that it’s pathetic that we’re hosting a World Event yet we’re miles away from any semblance of being within world standards. We ranked like 98th as far as ADSL speeds go, last time I checked.

    Why can’t they realise that tech availability and improvement for everyone far outweighs making money over current crappy tech.

    It’s appalling that here our country is bound and restricted by a single company for high speed internet and then you get a country like Japan where high speed internet is now a basic human right. I wonder if these people even know what that means? Seriously, wtf….that means even homeless people have a right to internet speeds that most of us here can only dream of o_O

  • Freddie


    Things are worse than you think!!

    When Telkom refer to ‘384kbps’ they are not talking about ‘kilobytes’, but ‘kilobits’.

    There are 8 bits in a byte!!

  • Starstreak

    Not forgetting that even though the line synchs at 384, the throughput is usually just above a 10th of it at 29 – 45 kbps. Then when Mweb uncapped gets a hold on it, it drops even further. It is far better to compare 384 to DIALUP speeds of old!

  • skiba

    In some ways I regret moving back here from Europe.
    I’ve entered the Stone Age.

    I doubt that Telkom would “shift speeds to the right” like @nicolascallegari said. IMO, the most we can all expect at the moment is a further decrease in bandwidth pricing and HOPEFULLY a decrease in line rental (I would JIMP)

  • Zeee

    Well the funny thing here is on a ISDN line I can get better quality of service than my 4 meg telkom line.

    I battle sending any emails larger than 2 meg via telkom but can send a 10meg file with isdn….

    Telkom are not maintaining their last mile point so I do not get this release… All you see them focussing on is their 3g solution, which if I read between the lines will use the network they are putting down which will mean they can charge more

  • Russell

    I’m with Optimistic, except that they can hang on to 384 for users wanting to have always on internet and try and make it very accessible iro pricing and make 1mb available at the current price or only fractionally higher than 384 at present if they must.

    Also, something must be done about LLU as long as I am

  • Jose Correia

    Well im on 4 mbps and even though I look forward to 10mbps I also trust they will be sensible to bump the current 5 gigs to 10 gigs or even 15 gigs…. i currently get to 25th or so and I end up buying one or 2 more gigs which is ridiculous…

  • Ian

    It is time that Telkom did something to improve the lives (data speeds) of their most common userbase and those are the 384kbps subscribers. No more corporate greed on the backs of the poor!