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Telkom vs Neotel: the full correspondence

Telkom and Neotel are poised to do battle over access to the former’s “last-mile” copper infrastructure. Neotel has filed a complaint with the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) against its rival, asking the authority to give it access to Telkom’s local loop.

In a submission to Icasa, dated 23 March, and which includes copies of full correspondence between the two operators, Neotel has set out the reasons it believes it should be given immediate access to its rival’s last-mile infrastructure of copper cables into businesses and residential homes. Neotel is hoping the move will help Icasa speed up local-loop unbundling — the local loop is one of the last vestiges of Telkom’s former monopoly.

The outcome of Neotel’s complaint could mean the difference between local-loop unbundling taking place in 2011 and a lengthy, drawn-out process that could take years.

Below, TechCentral has published Neotel’s full submission to Icasa, including all correspondence between it and Telkom. The case is expected to heard by Icasa’s complaints and compliance committee.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral



  1. delay tactics, legal jargon, loop holes aside, surely it would’ve made sense for Neotel to respond re the technical specifications request before taking this to ICASA?

  2. I wonder who’s at 122 Pybus Rd and 9 Sturdee Ave that Neotel would like to serve over Telkom’s copper? Anyone special? Or are they just trying those buildings as a “test run”?

  3. Neotel has extensive fibre networks covering both of these areas in Sandton and Rosebank. Why on earth would they need LLU to connect the customers in question?

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