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Telkom’s 8ta in new broadband push

Amith Maharaj

Telkom’s consumer mobile operator, 8ta, said on Wednesday it is offering a once-off data bundle consisting of 60GB of data for anytime use and 60GB for use between 12am and 5am. The bundle costs R1 800 and is valid for 12 months.

The announcement follows price reductions across 8ta’s range of prepaid and postpaid data offerings earlier this week. 8ta has not stipulated how long the promotion will run but says it will give consumers sufficient warning before the promotion ends.

Amith Maharaj, managing executive of Telkom Mobile, says the new bundle comes on the back of requests from 8ta subscribers for larger bundles with longer validity periods.

Though the data is valid for 12 months, those who deplete it before then can — as with other prepaid offerings — purchase another bundle.

The promotion is only applicable to 8ta’s own network and users will not be able to use the data while roaming on MTN, with which it has a roaming agreement. Consumers are advised to check coverage for the areas in which they are likely to use the data by referring to 8ta’s network coverage map.

The bundle does not include a modem and users will have to use an existing device or purchase one separately.  — Craig Wilson, TechCentral

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