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The EcoFlow story

EcoFlow was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs who emerged from a leading drone developer where they had worked to perfect the drone battery to be lightweight, long-lasting, and most importantly, powerful.

Now, EcoFlow leverages this knowledge and experience to build products that are thoughtful in design, creating industry-first, smart and powerful energy storage products. We strive to reinvent the way people everywhere access power.

EcoFlow’s product lines of Delta and River series power generators equip the consumer with an industrial amount of clean, quiet and renewable power for life adventures, work and home backup power.

EcoFlow River portable power generator

Hit the outdoors with River and keep all your devices powered on at once. With a 288Wh capacity that charges to full in a record-breaking 96 minutes, you’ll have ease of mind to focus on your adventures.

  • 2 x 600W AC outlets and 288Wh capacity: The EcoFlow River can power up to nine devices simultaneously. With two pure sine wave AC outlets, the EcoFlow River can power some devices up to 1 800W with the X-Boost mode on. With a capacity of 288Wh, the EcoFlow River provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output.
  • Recharge from 0% to 80% in one hour: With EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream Technology, the smart inverter enables a fast rechargeability that takes less than an hour to charge from 0% to 80%, and it gets fully charged in 1.6 hours. You can switch to a quieter charging condition by turning on the “Quiet Charging” status on the app.
  • Compatible with 80% of home appliances: The River can power some devices up to 1 800W with the X-Boost mode on, which lets you power about 80% of essential devices like kitchen appliances and DIY tools. Use devices below 1 200W for the best product use.
  • Fit your needs, now and later: Double the capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh with an extra battery. The modular design of EcoFlow River is the power that grows with your needs. Designed for mobility, the 5kg solid yet lightweight EcoFlow River is slightly larger than a toaster, which is perfect to take out. You can easily double the capacity of the EcoFlow River from 288Wh to 576Wh by integrating with an extra battery.

EcoFlow Delta power generator

EcoFlow Delta represents the new standard of battery-powered generators and is perfect for power outages, outdoor adventures, and professional work. Compatible with a wide range of devices. EcoFlow Delta allows you stay powered for hours whenever and wherever with a huge, 1 260Wh capacity.

  • Recharge 0% to 80% within an hour: EcoFlow patent X-Stream Technology empowers EcoFlow Delta to recharge at 10 times the speed of most portable power stations in the market.
  • 6x 1 800W AC outlets and 1 260Wh capacity: The large inverter load enables EcoFlow Delta to power most home appliances and heavy-duty DIY tools under 1 800W (3 300W surge, pure sine wave) with 1 260Wh capacity.
  • Fastest recharge by solar and car: EcoFlow Delta can be fully recharged by solar panels in about four hours, and fully charged through a 12/24V car port in less than 10 hours.
  • Power 13 devices simultaneously: EcoFlow Delta fits with every port you’ll ever need to power any devices anywhere, so you will always feel right at home.

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