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The SA network with the best iPhone 7 deals

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus

Cell C is “very definitively” offering the best deals for consumers looking to get their hands on Apple’s new iPhone 7.

Tariffic, a company that helps retail consumers and businesses save money on their cellphone bills, has used its online contract optimisation tool to find the best iPhone 7 deals in the market.

The results show that Cell C is “back in the game”, the company said.

Tariffic identified the best iPhone 7 32GB and iPhone 7 Plus 32GB deals for three different hypothetical users — Susanne who uses 200 minutes and 1GB of data; Dineo who uses 350 minutes and 2,5GB of data; and Tshepo who uses 500 minutes and 5GB of data.

Tariffic calculated the optimal all-in price that each user would pay every month, which includes their subscription (with any additional handset instalment), add-on bundles and out-of-bundle spend. The company listed the promotional extras that the mobile network operators are offering as well.

“Tariffic’s results were astonishing in their uniformity. In five out of six cases, Cell C offered the best iPhone 7 deals, followed by Telkom, MTN, and then Vodacom,” it said.

“The only exception was for the user who wanted the iPhone 7 Plus for 200 minutes and 1GB of usage, in which case Telkom and Cell C switched places, with Telkom coming in most affordable.”

Vodacom’s deals are the most expensive in every case, which, Tariffic said, is “no surprise” given that the company “intentionally chooses to compete on network quality rather than price”.

“It looks like Cell C is shaking up the market once again, offering the most competitive iPhone 7 deals in nearly every case we explored,” said Tariffic CEO Antony Seeff.


Source: Tariffic

Source: Tariffic

Source: Tariffic

“Cell C is blowing everyone out of the water with the promotional value it’s offering until the end of January 2017 on its just-released Pinnacle packages,” Seeff said.

These Pinnacle packages offer three times the regular amount of voice minutes and SMSes for users who sign up before the end of January 2017, with the additional value valid for the lifetime of the contract. This does not extend to the data component of the offering but is “nonetheless still a great deal”.

“In addition, Cell C is offering cash-back with certain of their new Pinnacle contracts, which means that customers can receive a gift card with a value of up to R10 000 (depending on the contract chosen), just for signing up.”  — (c) 2016 NewsCentral Media


  1. Yeah that’s why my Vodacom contract is cheaper per month than Cell C… Good job on picking the most expensive contracts for other providers and comparing it Cell C cheaper offerings

  2. Lindsay Cammay on

    MTN offer the iPhone 7 32GB at R699 on MTNChoice + S (100 minutes,
    100 SMS & 2GB data pm x 24) or

    iPhone 7 Plus 32GB at R799 on MTNChoice + S (100 minutes, 100 SMS
    & 2GB data pm x 24)

    Also includes 30GB data for the first month only.
    Add 1GB valid for 1 Week at R65,
    1GB valid for 2 weeks at R89 or
    1GB for 1 month at R160. Who only uses 1GB extra so go for 2 X bundle at R89 (Total: R178) or 4 X bundle at R65 (Total: R260).