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Timing of SABC CEO exit ‘suspect’: Muthambi


Faith Muthambi

Communications minister Faith Muthambi has described the timing of the resignation of acting SABC CEO Jimi Matthews as “suspect” and hit out at him for not raising his grievances with her office.

In a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon, a day after news broke that Matthews had suddenly resigned, Muthambi criticised him for sharing his resignation letter on social media.

“Mr Matthews was appointed to this position because of his credentials to steer the SABC towards a commendable direction. It is unfortunate that Mr Matthews decided to turn his resignation into a social media issue, without raising his concerns internally, nor communicating his concerns with the ministry of communications,” the minister said.

“The timing of his resignation is suspect. As the ministry of communications, we have full confidence in the board of the SABC — that it will calm the situation and steer the broadcaster into the right direction,” she said.

“A stable and functional SABC is in the interest of all of us. We believe that normality will prevail,” Muthambi added.

She also took aim at political parties for what she termed attempts to “politicise the SABC matters”.

“It is unfortunate that some are looking to score political points. The SABC coverage plan for the local government elections 2016 is still in place and will be covered as scheduled,” she said in the statement.

Meanwhile, the SABC announced on Tuesday that its chief financial officer, James Aguma, has been appointed as acting CEO following Matthews’ departure.  — (c) 2016 NewsCentral Media


  1. tongue in cheek on

    your entire portfolio is “suspect” Mrs Minister, as is every statement you make

  2. “Jimi Mathews should have reported to me” (Faith Muthambi) is like someone telling Zuma they’ve been approached by the Gupta’s inappropriately.

  3. It looks as though Hlaudi is/has been the COOE (Chief Operation Officer for Everything)

  4. Alex J Nagel on

    When people are gatvol it is time to move on. Mr Matthews obviously felt that way and did just that. You, Mdumbi would use your time more wisely in finding a replacement for your soon to be former COO

  5. Kane Diamond on

    “The SABC coverage plan for the local government elections 2016 is still in place and will be covered as scheduled,”

    Which should be read as “all sunshine and ANC all the time, except for the odd cultural event, to appease the local royalty whose votes we so badly need”

  6. Can you imagine her at the WWDC in San Francisco. A prime example of an African state representation and why Africa is still Acirfa.

  7. How can “normality prevail” with abnormal clowns running the show?

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