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Using tech to make a difference

The South African Giving Report 2019 found that 80% of those they interviewed had given money in the last 12 months.

At SnapScan we know that people want to assist their communities when they can, but we also know that complicated payment processes can be time consuming and become a barrier.

Our new recurring donations functionality means that people can elect to turn their donations into ongoing, monthly contributions in a few seconds, while retaining control of the payment process — as these payments can be viewed and cancelled from within the app at any time.

While this feature is in its pilot phase we have added a few national organisations to the new Donate section within the app. People can browse this list of phenomenal causes to set up a recurring donation while organisations are still activating this feature for their SnapCodes. Check it out here if you’re on mobile.

Some of the amazing organisations we already have on board include Volunteer Wildfire Services, Habitat for Humanity and African Tails as well as those in the image below. Scan one of the codes below to make your first donation with SnapScan and try out the new recurring functionality.

The other reason we developed this feature was for organisations themselves. It takes a lot of resources for organisations to launch impactful campaigns that motivate people to part with their hard-earned money. To aid organisations, we wanted to give people the option of repeating their donations on a monthly basis in a very easy and time-efficient manner.

Any registered NPO can activate this feature for their existing SnapCodes, so they won’t have to update their websites, social media channels or posters to make use of this new functionality. Current SnapScan merchants are encouraged to e-mail our support team at for more info, and organisations that are not yet part of the SnapScan community can visit our website to sign up now.

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