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Vodacom free minutes – all the details

On Tuesday, Vodacom announced it would begin offering free off-peak call minutes to its contract subscribers from 1 May 2010, with subscribers on high-end talk packages receiving as much as three hours of additional airtime over weekends.

TechCentral has tabulated the numbers (see below), which show that Business Call and Frequent Call subscribers will receive 20 free minutes, either over weekends or on weeknights, while those on the high-end Talk packages will receive up to three hours for use over weekends or 90 minutes for use during off-peak periods during the week.

Vodacom free minutes

Lower-end contract packages, such as the Weekender plans, don’t receive weekend minutes, which suggests the free minutes are meant to encourage business users to use their phones more after hours.

The allocation of the monthly “more minutes” bundle will default to weekend minutes. However, customers will have the option of changing their weekend minutes to weekday evening minutes by calling the Vodacom call centre.

A Vodacom spokesman says that if a subscriber makes calls during off-peak times on the weekend, then the free weekend minutes will be used before their allocated monthly “anytime” minutes — the airtime that is included in their bundle.

In addition, subscribers’ monthly unused minutes will continue to be rolled over for a period of six months.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. Either this chart was created on Windows and it doesn’t have iPhone in its dictionary, or it was created on a Mac and it’s underlining iPhone in red for free advertising.

  2. Sagren Devraj on

    Definately a SMALL step in the right direction. This would encourage all network operators to follow suit.
    A matter of time when calls within a network to drop.

  3. I still feel that the prepaid customers, which normally are the lower income group are not accommodated when prices are adjusted.Prepaid rates are far higher than subscriber’s rates and there are no admin involved but still the rates are higher even though the prepaid is paid in advance and the operators thereby benefit there as well.

  4. I just learnt today that Vodacom has changed its terms and conditions. The Weekender and Weekender Everyday Plus terms and conditions have changed. They were really sneaky about it, and hid the change at the bottom of a letter on reduction in call rates.

    This was pointed out to me by the Vodacom sales person in the Century City 3G store.

    I was almost caught out until it was pointed out to me.

    Vodacom Free Minutes are now only valid over weekends from Midnight on Friday night to Midnight on Sunday night…

    I am just warning you in case you get caught out.

    Turns out that the contract says that Tariffs are subject to change without notice.

    I am only 6 months into a contract…so this messes me about…since I signed my contract on the basis of the allocation of free weekly and weekend off peak minutes. I trust you are not caught on the wrong side of this one. The bundle minutes can be changed to weekly…but the free allocation cannot.

    I can’t believe that I am locked into this changed contract for 18 months.

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