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Vodacom publishes annual report on iPad

Image from Vodacom's 2011 integrated report

Cellular network operator Vodacom is offering its 2011 annual report on the iPad for the first time. The group’s “integrated report”, which was published on Friday, is available for download in Apple’s App Store.

The 221-page report is also available in print, as a PDF or as an interactive online edition. It’s Vodacom’s first integrated report to comply with the King III guidelines on corporate governance.

Rob Shuter in Converse All Stars (click image to enlarge)

The integrated report is a radical departure from Vodacom’s previous annual reports. It’s the first to be produced since Vodacom rebranded itself to be more in line with the corporate identity of its UK parent, Vodafone.

Making use of bright colours, icons and graphics, the document outlines throughout where management believes it is succeeding and where it is doing poorly.

It may also be the first annual report from a large, JSE-listed company to feature a photograph of a financial director clad in jeans and takkies. Rob Shuter, a former MD for retail banking at Nedbank, is pictured reclining in a chair and propping his Converse All Star shoes — red, of course — on a coffee table.

iPad users interested in downloading Vodacom’s 2011 integrated report can do so by searching “Vodacom report library” from the App Store.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral

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