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Vodacom to offer ‘free’ data for ShowMax

Naspers-owned ShowMax and mobile operator Vodacom have partnered to offer “free” data for watching shows on the video-on-demand platform.

Effective immediately, ShowMax is offering three months of data, adding up to 3GB on total, at no extra charge to new customers who sign up for the service through Vodacom (by adding it to their mobile bill or using prepaid airtime).

Existing customers who have already signed up through Vodacom will also receive the “free” data. The dedicated ShowMax data is enough to watch up to 35 episodes of shows like The Big Bang Theory, the video entertainment company said in a statement.

“Using the most data-efficient download setting, 3GB of data is enough to download up to 35 episodes of 20-minute hit shows. If the same 20-minute shows are streamed using the most data-efficient setting, this data would be enough to watch approximately 30 episodes,” ShowMax said.

“The number of shows that can be viewed depends upon the level of bandwidth capping selected and/or the download quality selected. The example of 35 shows is based on downloading using the most data-efficient quality setting.”

ShowMax Africa head Chris Savides said the cost of mobile data is proving a challenge for customers wanting to watch streaming video. The deal with Vodacom helps address this problem.

Once signed up, customers will receive 1GB of data dedicated to ShowMax usage, valid for 30 days. If the customer remains subscribed to ShowMax, another 1GB bundle will be allocated at the end of the first and second months, taking the total data allocation to 3GB over three months.

Existing ShowMax customers who have signed up through Vodacom will also be allocated 1GB bundles of dedicated ShowMax data for each of the following three months.

The data bundles apply to both ShowMax Premium and ShowMax Select customers.  — (c) 2017 NewsCentral Media


  1. Hmmm….rather use Netflix, far superior, as they make there own very top class movies and series/

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