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Vox launches high-speed uncapped data and voice satellite plans

Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has launched highly attractive uncapped data and voice satellite service plans at a price point that competes with LTE-Advanced. As part of its YahClick satellite service, these plans aim to provide cost-effective connectivity to underserviced regions in South Africa.

“Satellite is still a viable solution in South Africa, even though an often forgotten form of broadband services. Rural communities, and the agricultural sector specifically, rely on satellite services where reliable and high-speed fixed or wireless Internet is not always available.The new plans will provide these regions and customers with high throughput, at more affordable pricing that competes directly with LTE-A prices,” says Jacques Visser, head of wireless at Vox.

The newly launched unlimited plans sees Ka-band satellite going uncapped for data and voice with prices that not only benefit individuals, but also enables businesses to use satellite for their software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN). These plans are available in 5Mbit/s, 10Mbit/s and 20Mbit/s options and include a data-only and a premium data and voice service.

“We want to reward our customers and with the YahClick satellite service we can offer improved frequency in regions that require better service. We are excited to launch these plans to our customers, pushing data pricing down to as low as R5/GB,” says Visser.

The premium voice and data service is optimised for voice purposes while the uncapped voice-only plan bolts onto the satellite broadband plan and includes unlimited voice calls to all South African numbers.

Multi-spot beams

YahClick uses Ka-band satellites to provide a wide range of users across the country with reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity. Using multi-spot beams as opposed to broadcasting over the continent allows for far more efficient use of the available bandwidth and at lower cost than traditional satellite technology. The new plans are provisioned over the AY3 High Throughput Satellite (HTS).

“Satellite is a reliable temporary service until fixed or wireless coverage is extended into the area,” says Visser.
Uncapped data only plans through YahClick start from R1 099/month for 5Mbit/s, R1 449/month for 10Mbit/s and R1 999/month for 20Mbit/s as part of a 12-month contract. Premium data and voice plans start from R1 150/month for 5Mbit/s with one voice channel, R1 549/month for 10Mbit/s with two voice channels and R2 249/month for 20Mbit/s with four voice channels as part of a 12-month contract. The uncapped voice channel is R172/month. Customer premises equipment starts at R4 800 or on rental from R240/month. Installation of 24-month contracts as well as installation of the 20Mbit/s in all configurations is free.

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