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Vox takes knife to uncapped ADSL prices


Privately held telecommunications provider Vox Telecom has taken a knife to uncapped ADSL prices, debuting a new 1Mbit/s offering for R99/month that includes both data and ADSL rental charges.

Aimed at cost-conscious home users, the new packages range from R89/month for an uncapped data-only offering at 1Mbit/s to R389/month for a data-only 10Mbit/s product.

The packages all include a R49 setup fee and do not come with an ADSL router. No fixed Internet protocol addresses are offered and a maximum of two concurrent connections are allowed.

Vox Telecom says on its website that it reserves the right to use bandwidth management practices to reduce users’ connection speeds and impose throttling based on usage patterns. A fair-use policy applies to “limit abuse”.

The new line of products is available to both new and existing customers on a month-to-month subscription.  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. I use their FatPipe 300gig capped product, moved over from AfriFail (Afrihost) after they sold out to MTN and committed suicide by killing their own products. Ive never like Vox for personal reasons, but I have to say the FatPipe product is a winner.

  2. I have been with Vox since it took over Absamail (fax machines were still common back then) and I have never heard of this offer.
    Maybe Doug Reed should have a word or two with his marketing staff on the benefits of keeping the customer happy?

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