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Watch | Axiz, Cisco, Veeam partner to secure hyper-availability

At Axiz, we know better than most that today’s businesses understand that hyper-availability is the new norm.

This means that data and applications have become critical, and customers, users and vendors want them to be available at all times, and on all devices.

The fact is, in this age of hyper-availability, any disruption or downtime is unacceptable, and let’s face it, legacy systems simply can’t keep up with today’s modern, highly virtualised environments, and the IT department ends up spending too much time managing the disparate parts of their data storage environments just to keep it up, available and secure.

Veeam and Cisco have addressed this, and are uniting the power of hyper-converged infrastructure, with data protection.

Axiz is now able to offer its customers, a new, highly resilient data-storage management platform that offers seamless scalability, ease of management and support for multi-cloud environments.

The new solution combines the Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform with Cisco’s innovative Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution, HyperFlex, to meet the needs of organisations.

By implementing the new solution, Axiz customers need no longer battle with outdated, unreliable legacy tools that cannot scale, or even hope to provide hyper availability that has become crucial for modern organisations.

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