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Which investment is shining brighter than all others?

While history can’t predict what will happen in the future, gold has historically outperformed in times of crisis — and it appears to be leading the pack again.

Gold is scarce, malleable and universally precious, with thousands of years of trading history behind it. Although gold doesn’t generate an income, it is considered an insurance-like safe-haven investment option and it is widely recommended as part of a diversified investment portfolio. This is particularly true in times of turmoil and rapid rand depreciation, which is now down more than 25% relative to the dollar this year. 

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Why invest in gold?

Financial markets have experienced the fastest-ever crash over the past few weeks. We have seen major indices fall almost 30%, and stocks in sectors like oil and travel are down by 80%. South Africa’s credit ratings have been slashed to junk status and the rand has depreciated by more than 25% relative to the dollar this year. We are experiencing terrifying daily declines that we haven’t seen since the 1929 stock market crash that preceded the Great Depression.

Portfolio managers, traders and analysts are attempting to predict how the Covid-19 pandemic will impact investment portfolios and one thing that they have in common is an increased appetite for gold, with gold seeing record inflows across the globe. 

And the gold run is likely just getting started. 

The US Fed and every other central bank around the world have expanded their balance sheets and issued unprecedented sums of money. What we’re witnessing is a debasement of global currency values like we’ve never seen before.

When there’s a lot more money in circulation, but largely the same number of valuable items in the world (like property and machinery), each unit of currency becomes less valuable in real terms. So, one dollar or rand or pound buys you less, which means that you need more money for items that cost less before, and voilà – inflation emerges. 

And what is one of the best inflation hedges around? Gold

Gold is a safe harbour for your wealth in turbulent times and we’re seeing that play out again today. 

About Revix
Revix is an investment platform that allows anyone to create a diversified portfolio or “Bundle”​ of assets in just a few clicks. They bring simplicity, trust and great customer service to the digital asset investing space. Investing is as easy as signing up, choosing an asset, and then watching your portfolio grow. For more information, head to www.revix.com.

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