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WhatsApp Sim to offer free global chat


A new Sim card for mobile phones is promising its users unlimited access to WhatsApp in 150 countries and across 400 network operators.

News of the WhatsApp Sim, called the WhatSim, comes as the instant messaging giant, which is owned by Facebook, announced its first foray away from smartphones, into Web-based messaging on desktop PCs and other devices.

To get the Sim card, users pay an upfront fee of €10 (or €5 in some markets). Other than that, the service is completely free for a year after purchase. There are no caps on data usage. With WhatsApp expected to launch voice dialling in its app soon, the move could be seen as another assault by so-called over-the-top companies on mobile network operators.

The Sim is likely to find particular favour among international travellers not wanting to be burnt by high roaming charges.

The WhatSim has been developed by Manuel Zanella, the founder of Zeromobile, an Italian mobile virtual network operator that offers low-cost roaming around the world.

“Anywhere in the world, it connects to the provider with the best coverage and signal right where you are,” according to a media statement.

“If you change your position, it automatically searches for a new provider. If a better one is available, it connects by itself without you even noticing it.”

The statement says Zanella had the idea for a “special version” of WhatSim “inspired by Pope Francis” that is designed for countries defined by the United Nations as the “Global South”. This includes countries in Africa.

“In some of these countries, buying a WhatSim will cost €5 instead of €10,” it says.  – © 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. SouthAfricanPatriot on

    This not an attack its called “MARKETING”, the mobile networks did not invest in R & D to anticipate the new future for they would have seen that they needed to develop Apps, no they stuck with SMS….South African mobile networks stole ideas of many entrepreneurs that came to them, failed to implement some, these are MORONS.

    South African mobile networks are not really companies just COPY CATS of business models, a company has R & D and welcomes ideas from small entrepreneurs to grrom them, because an entrepreur in mobile is rare and also each one has more value life span wise in terms of many ideas they can produce for a company, the South Africans merely just stole one idea instead of grooming talent, I never seen such morons as South Africa MNOS.

  2. Greg Mahlknecht on

    Check out their website at whatsim . com … it’s FAR from unlimited with tons of special cases and rules. If I’m reading it correctly, it costs 5 euros for 6 photos.

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