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Why you should consider a cloud PBX

Your PBX is going on early retirement and it’s time to trade the old model in for a newer, more tech-savvy one. Like fish, there are loads of PBXes in the sea — well not literally — you know what I mean. So, which one should you buy?

What to look out for when buying a PBX in 2019

Many PBXes come with different features which are either included in the price or are added extras. Look out for what is included in your package when purchasing the right PBX.

  • Reduced call rates: Get a package that comes bundled with lower call rates. Just pay less, it’s that simple.
  • Call recording: Keep a record of all your calls. Just in case the customer is not the king.
  • Conference calling: Conduct meetings with colleagues and clients nationwide and around the world — and in your underpants, without them ever knowing!
  • Softphone: Turn into a virtual office when the power goes down by having voice calling apps installed on your employees’ mobile phones. It will be business as usual when load shedding strikes!
  • Telephone Management System (TMS): Get reporting insights to understand your usage (don’t you want to know who’s been making dodgy phone calls to the other side of the world?) and get the right insights to cut your call costs. Information is power.
  • Voicemail to e-mail: Get your voicemail sent to your mailbox for a quicker response. You don’t want to miss a message from the big boss!
  • Digital receptionist and auto menu system: Give your clients a top-quality on-hold service with navigational voice prompts. Leaving them hanging would be ever so awkward, if you know what I mean.

Advantages of a cloud PBX

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, on-premise PBXes reach end of life in an average of three to five years or the day after your warranty expires — good old Murphy. Onsite PBXes are also reliant on location. Today your PBX can sit in the cloud. This makes for some epic benefits:

  • It comes as a service, so it has an ongoing maintenance plan (I wish my car sat in the cloud).
  • It is not dependent on location — think of how many times you’ve moved office and needed to reinstall a PBX system.
  • It is not reliant on electricity. Coupled with voice calling apps, your business will not be interrupted by power cuts.
  • It allows you to have a virtual office. When employees are travelling or working remotely, they can still be linked to your PBX system and receive calls wherever they are.

At Vox, we offer a variety of options to meet the demands of any business size. Our call rates are as low as 25c excluding VAT, while traditional telecommunications companies are charging an average of 45c excluding VAT. We sell cloud or on-premise PBXes with tons of great features, TMS, voice calling apps and so much more.

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