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Windows 7 sales propel Microsoft earnings higher

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

[Best of the Web — Friday, 29 January 2010]

Microsoft earnings leap higher on Windows 7 sales: Microsoft’s quarterly net income has jumped 60%, thanks mainly to strong sales of Windows 7, its latest desktop operating system release. Cost cutting also helped boost the profit number after sales rose 14%. The performance narrowly beat analysts’ expectations of a 59% improvement. Other parts of the business performed far less robustly. Sales of Microsoft Office fell 2,9% and Xbox and related revenues fell nearly 10%. [InformationWeek] [BusinessWeek]

Mixed reviews for Apple’s iPad: The analysis and reviews continue to pour in. The consensus so far is that Apple has failed to live up to the hype. But not all the reaction has been completely negative. Author Stephen Fry loves the device. Writing on The Guardian‘s website, he says: “You will see characters in movies use the iPad. Jack Bauer will want to return for another season of 24 just so he can download schematics and track vehicles on it. James Bond will have one. Jason Bourne will have one. Some character, in a Tron-like way, might even be trapped in one.” Most people, however, seem disappointed that the iPad is unable to do a range of basic things such as multi-tasking and running Flash websites. Then there are the commentators, their minds in the gutter, who insist on comparing the iPad with women’s sanitary towels. [The Guardian – 1]  [The Guardian – 2] [GlobeLife]

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