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ZA Tech Show: Episode 103

ZA Tech Show 103

Simon Dingle, Don Packett, Dave Miller and Duncan McLeod

Incredible Connection CEO Dave Miller joins us on the show this week. Your panellists are Don Packett, Simon Dingle and, later, Duncan McLeod. They discuss:

  • IT spending in the downturn
  • Dave Miller teaches us some new names for his company (we’d only heard Incredible Corruption)
  • 3D gaming
  • Netbooks and their market domination
  • Steam coming to Mac
  • Digital software distribution
  • The HP Slate and the growing tablet market
  • Hybrid sport cars, and connecting gadgets to cars in general
  • DStv cancelling its porn plans
  • BlackBerry, and co-CEO Jim Basillie’s visit to SA
  • MTN’s annual results
  • PayPal coming to SA

Our picks of the week:

  • Duncan McLeod: Picks — DStv’s iPhone apps
  • Don Packett — Chatroulette
  • Simon Dingle — CamTwist

View the video recording of episode 103 or download the audio recording (MP3)

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