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ZA Tech Show: Episode 108

We’re back at our studio under construction this week. Simon Dingle is your host, with TechCentral’s Duncan McLeod and Thunk! Perspective Lab’s Don Packett joining the panel for discussions on:

  • Motorola’s Milestone launch and Android 2.1
  • Vodacom slashing its data rates
  • Fibre to the home in SA
  • Google’s local operations
  • Xbox Live rumours
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Die Antwoord and related online phenomena
  • The Gizmodo Apple iPhone prototype and how unreal we think it is
  • The launch of Top TV
  • Good results from top tech companies
  • Steam on Mac
  • Legends of Echo
  • iPad confiscation in Israel
  • Fixed-line interconnect and local number portability
  • Microsoft’s big BEE announcement
  • MTN in merger or acquisition talks again, this time with Orascom Telecom

Our picks and pick-ons of the week:

Download episode 108 (as an MP3 file) or watch the video stream below

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