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ZA Tech Show: Episode 74


In this episode our geeks are spread out across SA. Simon Dingle, Jon Tullett and Will Hahn are in Cape Town for Gartner Symposium 2009, Brett Haggard is in Durban for Microsoft TechEd and Duncan McLeod is at home with his bulldogs in Johannesburg. They hook up on Skype to discuss:

  • The Gartner Symposium
  • Microsoft TechEd – Windows 7, Live Mesh and all things Microsoft
  • Screens and the rumoured Apple tablet
  • The Nikon S1000pj camera with built-in projector
  • The evolution of interfaces
  • Mobile broadband
  • Eric Schmidt leaving the Apple board
  • And lots more…

Our picks of the week:

  • Brett Haggard: Microsoft Live Mesh and VMWare Fusion 2
  • Duncan McLeod: Microsoft Windows 7 RTM
  • Jon Tullett: Grooveshark
  • Will Hahn: Nintendo Wii

Click below to stream the episode:


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