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ZA Tech Show: Episode 78

zatslogoThis week Duncan McLeod, Brett Haggard and Simon Dingle discuss:

  • Interconnect and other prices
  • Feedback from Nokia World
  • Snow Leopard
  • Google Street View
  • Sony
  • Hosted BlackBerry BES
  • Apple’s September announcement

Our picks and pick-ons of the week:

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  1. Do you have plans to make this podcast available as an Apple Podcast, that can be automatically downloaded into iTunes?

  2. Really enjoyed this weeks ZA Mac Show, no wait ZA Tech Show 😛

    @Neil you can just add it to by clicking on Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast and past the RSS URL into there. Then iTunes does the downloading.
    In good old SA it is really hard neigh on impossible from what i hear to get onto ITMS because Apple do not have a “presence” here