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ZA Tech Show: Episode 90

ZA Tech ShowWith only 10 episodes to go before our 100th show, Ben Kelly, Brett Haggard and Simon Dingle discuss:

  • Looming fines and other pain for Telkom
  • Mobile virtual network operators and the difference they could make
  • iBurst’s 20Mbit/s ADSL2+  service
  • New Navigon GPS products and whether they stand a chance against Google
  • NDrive for iPhone
  • Depeche Mode, World of Warcraft and depression
  • Foursquare and other social networking games

Our picks of the week:

  • Simon Dingle — Torchlight. Play it, buy it
  • Ben Kelly — Mobile cases with fabric speakers from GTech
  • Brett Haggard — Whatsapp, the iPhone-to-iPhone messenger

Download the entire episode directly (as an MP3 file).

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