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ZA Tech Show: Episode 95

zatslogoEasing their way into 2010, our panel of geeks this week consists of Duncan McLeod, Simon Dingle and Toby Shapshak. They discuss:

  • On Digital Media (ODM) — one of SA’s new pay-TV operators
  • Google’s intention to stop filtering information in China
  • Microsoft’s focus on Xbox and progress with Windows 7
  • Mobile gaming moving to phones
  • The local launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • Internet filtering in Australia and China

Our picks of the week:

Download the entire episode directly (as an MP3 file).

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  1. good day tech show presenters,

    i just wanted to point out something about blackberry’s internet service. it is a browse and email only service. if you stream anything on device you will be charged at standard rates. i think this is also the case for downloads, so the service is limited interms of true cost benefits. it really is only a service worthwhile if email, browsing and bb chat is your main focus for your mobile phone.

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