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Zuma must cough up R7,8m for Nkandla

Aerial image of President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla homestead, taken in August 2013

Aerial image of President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead, taken in August 2013

The national treasury has submitted a report to the constitutional court on how much President Jacob Zuma must pay for non-security upgrades at his Nkandla homestead.

“All queries regarding the matter should be directed to the court,” the national treasury said in a statement.

It was given 60 days by the constitutional court to calculate a reasonable cost.

According to the report, released to the media by the constitutional court, the total amount calculated was R7,8m.

“As a consequence, the reasonable percentage of the estimated costs of the five measures that the president would have to pay personally would be 87,94%.  This percentage corresponds to R7 814 155 as at June 2009,” read the report.



  1. Greg Mahlknecht on

    I hope they Guptas haven’t taken ALL their money out the country, R7.8m is a big bill for them to pay.

  2. R7.8 is an insult to us citizens! Every week I see homes bought for considerably more than that here in Bedfordview, cash deals as well.
    Once more Zuma gets away with it and I’ll take a bet that he personally doesn’t pay one red cent of this laughable pay-back-the-money invoice.
    Once more a disgrace is perpetrated on us tax and rates payers!

  3. CharlieTango on

    Our number one leader, aka “oath breaker”, is laughing all the way to the bank. Paying R7m for R300m worth of upgrades – not a bad day’s work.

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