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EcoFlow: Provider of the most well-rounded energy solutions

South Africans know better when it comes to the importance of having accessible power anytime, anywhere. As load shedding has become a norm, the consumption of energy always comes with challenges, but there’s more to it than that. The hard-to-attain nature of power lies in all facets of life and work, and EcoFlow, a portable power and renewable energy solutions company, is here to free all from low-battery anxiety.

Home backup

Load shedding is not going away for at least the next five years in South Africa, according to CSIR. With EcoFlow Delta, you can have your essential devices powered during long periods of power outages. Delta has a huge, 1 260Wh capacity and can charge 15 devices simultaneously. It can also be fully recharged in 1.6 hours with EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream technology, meaning you will have more than enough time to restore its energy from load shedding to load shedding.

Outdoor activities

The world-famous campsites in South Africa are a major part of the country’s tourism economy, but the accessibility of power has always been a problem in the great outdoors. With the EcoFlow River product line, different levels of outdoor energy requirements are easily covered. The River product line consists of three products – River, River Max and River Pro, with a capacity of 288Wh, 576Wh and 720Wh respectively. Moreover, all three products can be fully recharged in 1.6 hours and can power 90% of devices, freeing all outdoor lovers from low-battery anxiety.


Home DIY has become a trend in recent years, but oftentimes DIYers struggle to find a wall outlet. With six 1 800W AC outlets, EcoFlow Delta can power heavy-duty power tools, including circular saws, drills and electric hammers, making it the ideal DIY power source.


A revolution is happening in the film industry with the application of EcoFlow power stations, as filmmakers simplify the process of large shoots and can enter unexplored territory. EcoFlow River Max and River Pro, both lightweight and powerful, are providing cinematographers with reliable and portable power sources on their sets. With EcoFlow’s patented X-Boost technology, River Max and River Pro can easily handle devices such as cameras, drones, lighting kits and recorders for long periods of time.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer of EcoFlow’s, please click here to find more information. If you are interested in buying an EcoFlow product, these devices are now available here.

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