Uber’s next CEO: Meg Whitman?

Uber Technologies hopes to name a new leader by early September to replace its ousted CEO and steer the ride-hailing business out of a turbulent period. The San Francisco company has a shortlist of fewer


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How often do you see this when you’re online, whether downloading a new app or software or signing up for some new service? You click on it, but then discover you’ve just agreed to give up your future first-born child or


No reason to fear bitcoin split

Over the last week, the price of bitcoin crashed from around $2 400 to $1 800 on fears of a so-called hard fork, which is to say the digital currency would effectively split in two due to software upgrades at the end of

Interview: Jo’burg finance MMC Rabelani Dagada

City of Johannesburg finance MMC Rabelani Dagada joins TechCentral’s Duncan McLeod in this episode of the podcast to chat about the plans to make Jo’burg a smart city. Dagada talks about the billing system crisis

Zuma likely to survive no-confidence vote

President Jacob Zuma is likely to defeat a motion of no-confidence, irrespective of whether there’s an open vote or secret ballot, as most members of the ruling party will close ranks around him, a senior opposition lawmaker

Galaxy S8 review: Samsung smashes a home run


After spending the best part of a month with Samsung’s new Galaxy S8, it’s impossible to draw any other conclusion: this is the best smartphone in the world right now — yes, better than the iPhone, and better than the panoply of