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ZTE surges as US lifts embargo

ZTE climbed as much as 15% after the US formally lifted a ban on its American technology purchases, allowing the Chinese telecommunications gear maker to resume business. The company’s shares marked


Why are young tech billionaires so boring?

Early in Warren Buffett’s life, his father failed to get hired at the family grocery store during the Great Depression. Without a job, and without any money after a run on the banks, the family of four ran up a tab

Interview: BitFund co-founder Joshua Miltz

In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews Joshua Miltz, co-founder of a new South African cryptocurrency platform called BitFund. BitFund offers access to about 20 of the largest digital currencies

Top forecaster sees more pain for rand

The rand’s comeback against the dollar this month will run out of steam as US rates rise and the trade war between the world’s two biggest economies weighs on global growth, according to the most accurate

Solo lacks Star Wars mojo

The Force was weak with Solo. Walt Disney’s latest offering from the Star Wars film franchise opened to disappointing weekend sales in the US and Canada, a rare slip for a movie studio that has dominated the box office for