Naspers CEO awarded $10.4m in options

Naspers has awarded CEO Bob Van Dijk $10.4m in long-term share options as Africa’s biggest company by market value seeks to boost its global Internet businesses amid declining profit at the sub-Saharan

Microsoft blows past earnings forecasts

Microsoft’s turnaround plan got back on track in the latest quarter, buoyed by rising sales of Internet-based software and services. Profit in the fiscal fourth quarter exceeded analysts’ estimates and…


No reason to fear bitcoin split

Over the last week, the price of bitcoin crashed from around $2 400 to $1 800 on fears of a so-called hard fork, which is to say the digital currency would effectively split in two due to software upgrades at the end of


What the airport of the future will look like

No matter how well regarded a particular airport happens to be, the slog from kerb to cabin is pretty much the same wherever you go. A decades-old paradigm of queues, security screens, snack vendors and gate-waiting prevails

TalkCentral: Ep 184 – ‘Simon says’

We’re at Mediatech Africa 2017 for this edition of the TalkCentral podcast. Show regulars Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg are joined by “Mr Mediatech” Simon Robinson to chat about the event, as well

Zuma likely to survive no-confidence vote

President Jacob Zuma is likely to defeat a motion of no-confidence, irrespective of whether there’s an open vote or secret ballot, as most members of the ruling party will close ranks around him, a senior opposition lawmaker

Galaxy S8 review: Samsung smashes a home run


After spending the best part of a month with Samsung’s new Galaxy S8, it’s impossible to draw any other conclusion: this is the best smartphone in the world right now — yes, better than the iPhone, and better than the panoply of