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Altron unit lands R585m Limpopo broadband deal

JSE-listed technology group Altron said on Friday that it has secured a R585m deal to roll out broadband in Limpopo. The Limpopo provincial government, through the state-owned Limpopo Connexion

Multinationals to launch cyberattack defence plan

Siemens is joining with companies including Airbus and IBM to try to counter large-scale hacking attacks that threaten to cost US$8 trillion in damage over the next five years. The group plans to sign a charter


Can electric cars save Eskom?

Eskom’s new board of directors and executive team should embrace the electric car as one long-term solution to the challenge of falling demand that is the most fundamental obstacle the state utility grapples with as it struggles


Bitcoin is no tulip mania 2.0

Right now, it’s bitcoin. But in the past, we’ve had dot-com stocks, the 1929 crash, 19th century railways and the South Sea Bubble of 1720. All these were compared by contemporaries to “tulip mania”, the Dutch financial

Ajay Gupta declared a fugitive from justice

On the same day that people linked to the three politically connected Gupta brothers were granted bail by a South African court after appearing on graft charges, one of the siblings, Ajay Gupta, was declared a fugitive. Varun

The best movies of 2017

From science-fiction sagas to neo-Westerns to superhero epics to back-to-basics action, 2017 had plenty to offer at the movies. This list of the pick of the year is based only on South African cinematic releases for 2017 and excludes