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Strong interim performance from Adapt IT

Adapt IT on Wednesday issued a strong trading update, telling shareholders that it expects headline earnings per share to rise by between 20% and 25% for the six months ended 31 December 2017, despite

Crypto mining electricity demand could surge

There’s a growing debate over how much power will be sucked up by the world’s growing ranks of cryptocurrency miners. Last week, Morgan Stanley analysts said miners of Bitcoin could use as much as 140 terawatt-hours of electricity


Facebook’s new mission may be impossible

If Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is sincere in a recent post about gradually taking the media element out of “social media”, he’s striking a powerful blow for tech self-regulation, as well as preparing to pay a heavy price for


The beauty, and mystery, of prime numbers

Prime numbers are more than just numbers that can only be divided by themselves and one. They are a mathematical mystery, the secrets of which mathematicians have been trying to uncover ever since Euclid proved that

Interview: The African ICT opportunity

In this episode, Duncan McLeod talks to International Data Corp associate vice president Mark Walker and IDC research manager for IT services Jon Tullett about ICT opportunities in South Africa and the broader

Moves afoot to freeze Gupta-linked assets

South African prosecutors have moved to freeze R1.6bn of assets held by McKinsey & Co and a company linked to the Guptas, the first significant response to corruption allegations against the politically connected

The best movies of 2017

From science-fiction sagas to neo-Westerns to superhero epics to back-to-basics action, 2017 had plenty to offer at the movies. This list of the pick of the year is based only on South African cinematic releases for 2017 and excludes