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No reason to fear the robot revolution

Machine learning is going to alter our world fundamentally for the better, improving healthcare and the manufacturing industry, and assisting in the prediction of supply and demand levels across a range of industries. For those who are into science-fiction


The case for open data in telecoms

The telecommunications landscape is changing. The mobile revolution is maturing and entering a new phase of slower growth. The rapid spread of fibre-optic networks is increasing the ability of existing operators to deliver

Ahmed Cassim

Why taxing remittances is a terrible idea

The idea of taxing cross-border remittances has been raised in some countries recently, especially in the Middle East. Although this is not a South African conversation – not yet, anyway – it has been highlighted elsewhere as a way for governments

Suveer Ramdhani

Africa’s demand for fibre set to boom

The telecommunications industry in South Africa and the rest of the continent is on the cusp of a fibre and mobile broadband boom, as network operators scramble to meet the demand for video, cloud applications and mobile solutions among consumers

Reshaad Sha

Why SA must embrace smart cities

Along with the rest of the world, South Africa is in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, in which the smart use of information and technology is reshaping societies. One of the most apparent ways in which this is happening can be seen is in the growth

Marian Shinn

Sticky stuff hits the fan, but there’s upside

About a year ago, communications regulator Icasa took fright at the national integrated ICT policy white paper and, within months, gazetted an invitation to network operators to participate in an auction for much sought-after high-demand spectrum

Alan Cameron

Auctions fail, but dynamic spectrum won’t

Both Wi-Fi and microwave technology came from unexpected experiments. And using technology to manipulate radio waves to transmit Internet data isn’t new. But these radio waves are becoming congested, and so more expensive. Now a technology is beginning to mature which creates huge efficiencies in how radio waves can be used, and shared.

Hilton Tarrant

Mobile voice prices have halved since 2013

The effective price per minute of mobile voice calls on South Africa’s largest mobile network has more than halved since 2013. While not explicitly disclosed by the operator, the current blended price per minute (across both prepaid and

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