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Faith Muthambi, deputy fall out: report

Communications minister Faith Muthambi

Communications minister Faith Muthambi

Communications minister Faith Muthambi has fallen out with her deputy, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, it was reported on Sunday.

Ndabeni-Abrahams, who was deputy minister of communications under both Dina Pule and Yunus Carrim before being transferred to the newly created communications ministry in 2014 after the old ministry was renamed as telecommunications & postal services, has accused Muthambi of treating her as if she is her personal assistant.

The ministry of communications has political oversight of the SABC and communications regulator Icasa, among others. It is also in charge of South Africa’s long-delayed analogue to digital television migration project.

The Sunday Times said it has seen “internal documents” that show that Muthambi wanted to move approval of Ndabeni-Abrahams’ travel arrangements to her office. The newspaper quoted the deputy minister as saying that the two have “no working relationship”.

“Ever since we were appointed, we have never had a relationship. She says she felt like she had too much energy, that she can do everything by herself … I assume that is how she felt,” Ndabeni-Abrahams is quoted as having said.

She accused Muthambi of sidelining her by not involving her in the department’s projects.

“I am not a PA,” the newspaper quoted the deputy minister as saying.

Ndabeni-Abrahams will reportedly now not attend any government events involving Muthambi.  — (c) 2016 NewsCentral Media


  1. By PA in this particular instance one assumes the post includes any actual reading or writing that might be required of Faith.
    How this Muthambi individual actually made it into a FULL ministerial position is still something that fills me both with amusement and dread at the same time.

    Only under Zuma, only under Zuma is the answer I suppose.

  2. Deon Labuschagne on

    This guy is soooo stupid the should be picking up bubblegum from sidewalks (its the only job I would give him, oh ja and the bubblegum he collected)

    Yunus Carrim – I wish we could have you back, there was movement with you there and I recon the migration would of been done and the set up boxes sorted.
    Zuma stole money and help his ”skelm boeties” and cocked up telecom in the country.

    Now a spectrum battle. ANC taking whats not theirs AGAIN! STEALING!

  3. techcentralzanew on

    In response to this story, Faith Muthambi’s office provided TechCentral with the following statement, which we republish here, unedited, for the sake of completeness:

    The Department of Communication is on record about the underfunding of the department as reported to the Portfolio Committee on Communications (PCC) during the presentations made by the Minister when she tabled the 2015/16 Annual Report. The PCC is now hard at work in trying to highlight and resolve this matter with the Treasury.
    This underfunding has lead the department to review the austerity measures as per the Treasury note to reduce all expenditure drivers that are outside the key mandates of departments. Encouraging departments to run its programmes efficiently and effectively. The Accounting officer, Ndivhuho Munzhelele of the Department initiated a consultative process on ways to achieve this directive. It was then agreed in the Ministry as part of the planning process to project the Minister Faith Muthambi programme until March 2017, projecting the costing for the Deputy Minister, Stella Ndabeni Abrahams programme until end of the Fiscal in 2017.
    It was resolved that at the current financial climate only the mandated programmes (the Game Changer Programmes) for all departments under her leadership will be funded, any adhoc and nice to haves will not be funded. For the DM office the duties will include following but not limited to:
    1. The Media transformation of the print sector
    2. The content development, the commissioning of high quality programming by various government departments and entities in the SABC including but not limited to the scope of the SABC Education.
    3. As the Stakeholder Manager, the DM is to pay attention in promoting the department’s relationship with the Communication Radio Sector as well as to grow the Community Television sector, making sure that government assist this sector in its development.
    The accounting officer has reviewed the austerity measures, taking into account that Traveling is one of the cost drivers in the Ministry. The ADG had meetings with the Minister and recently with DM to rearrange and prioritise their programmes due to a lack of funding.
    The Accounting officer has then developed and implemented measures to monitor effective financial controls, including the reviewing of the Travel Pre- Authorisation regime for the Ministry and the department as a whole. It should be further noted that the PFMA states that these financial controls must be implemented by all responsibility managers in departments including in the ministry.
    This is the relationship that binds all of us together at the Department of Communications, led by Minister Muthambi. It is has ensured that all of us as servants of the people, we collectively respond to the challenges of the day. The relationship between the Minister and the Deputy is nurtured by these values and agreed delegations, this is why the department has achieved a clean Audit and the Minister is devoted to maintain this clean Governance record.
    Both the Minister and the Deputy Minister are clear of their delegations and responsibilities in the Ministry.

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