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Vodacom, working with Huawei, has launched its first Internet of things site using narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology. An existing 4G/LTE site was upgraded to support NB-IoT using software only. The site is fully compliant with the

Vodacom said on Friday that it has achieved 4G/LTE speeds in excess of 240Mbit/s at a site in Pretoria. Using so-called 4G+ technology, the mobile operator said it has achieved the speeds at the Brooklyn Mall, where it has

Vodacom has introduced a technology on its network called dual-carrier high-speed uplink packet access, or DC-HSUPA, that it said will speed up data uploads for consumers on 3G. The technology is an evolution of high-speed

Vodacom doesn’t have the spectrum it needs to launch next-generation 4G+ broadband services nationwide, but the unique nature of the Gautrain tunnel system has allowed it to launch the technology on a limited scale in Gauteng. As a result of the deployment, Vodacom

Vodacom has dished out R18m worth of shares to its CEO as part of its forfeitable share plan. In a notice to shareholders on Thursday, the company announced that it had awarded 108 099 Vodacom shares, at a price each

Vodacom’s top executives have taken an effective pay cut in the 2015 financial year thanks to reductions in short-term incentives, the telecommunications group’s annual report, published at the weekend, shows. In the year ended 31

Mobile data usage and traffic volume growth in South Africa’s townships is running well ahead of the average growth rate countrywide, Vodacom said on Wednesday. It’s a trend that’s been noted by

Vodacom has become the first mobile operator in South Africa to launch voice-over-LTE, or VoLTE, calling on its network. In development for years, VoLTE allows voice calls to be placed over 4G/LTE networks, which are built first and foremost for data communication rather

Vodacom has placed what it claims is South Africa’s first voice call over a 4G/LTE network. The call took place on Thursday. Chief technology officer Andries Delport says in a statement that this is the first step towards the commercial implementation of voice-over-LTE, or VoLTE, infrastructure