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Do your homework before you get into solar

Businesses offering solar power are on the rise because of the increasing demand from commerce, manufacturing, the agriculture sector and homeowners seeking alternative energy solutions.

In tough economic conditions, it’s common sense to seek alternative quotes. At the same time, the saying “penny wise, pound foolish” applies more than ever.

Ellies Solar solutions guarantee peace of mind – because solar power is more than just solar panels, inverters and batteries. Cheaper is not necessarily a wise decision. While you shop around, here is a shortlist of the questions you should ask to probe cost comparisons.

Is the quote transparent?
To give you confidence that your solar power will work, make sure the quality of the components is reliable and backed with warrantees. Ask if everything for your solar system is included — leaving nothing out. An unreliable solar system is no better than unreliable power from the utility provider.

Is the solar solution correctly designed for your needs?
More than just price, it’s about trusted advice. Ellies will do site visits to understand exactly how to cost correctly for your energy needs as well as optimising your energy use.

Is your installation 100% compliant?
Confidence in components and compliance of the electrical installation is essential; backup in case of issues is vital; and knowledge of different grid regulations change from city to city, region to region and country to country. We take all of this into account. Ellies has a national footprint covering all nine regions in South Africa as well as branches in Namibia and Botswana. Our installers are fully trained with all the electrical certifications, so you have peace of mind that any solar solution provided by us is unquestionably correct.

How much experience does your solar solution provider have? What backup will they offer?
There are many factors that your decision should rest upon. Get a number of quotes – but don’t be baffled by jargon or buy into a system that is not designed to meet your unique electricity requirements. Ellies is happy to provide a comprehensive quote – and explain it to you so that you understand what you are buying into.

Remember, when you buy a solar solution from Ellies, it’s comprehensive, it’s complete, it’s end-to-end and you get the expertise and commitment of a proud industry leader.

Solar solutions are costly upfront, but Ellies is ready with affordable solar power solutions that can turn cost of power into an investment. Get energy independence with our top-of-the-range products, installed by qualified electricians that include warranties and a maintenance plans.

For more, visit or find the company on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. You can also reach Ellies’ digital call centre on 010 800 1464 or e-mail

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