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Madonsela won’t take SABC’s nonsense

Thuli Madonsela

Thuli Madonsela

Public protector Thuli Madonsela says her office will be taking legal action against the SABC board following the appointment of Hlaudi Motsoeneng to a senior executive position.

“The starting point will be to find out what was the process of appointing him. Was that position vacant, what were the requirements before he was appointed to it?” she told reporters in Pretoria.

“That position would have been advertised before the previous incumbent was appointed. What were the requirements, what processes were used to determine that Mr Motsoeneng is now fit to be an executive in the SABC and to be fit for that specific position?”

During a press conference on Tuesday, it was announced that Motsoeneng would go back to his former job as group executive of corporate affairs.

Madonsela said her office would send an enquiry to the board before making a decision.

“Once we receive the response, we should evaluate it to see if it’s adequate, then we can be able to take action. That action will include instructing attorney to take action against the SABC board.

“I did say to the minister of communication that if Mr Motsoeneng is appointed as acting chief operating officer or another senior executive position in the SABC, it will be a violation of the spirit of that judgment,” said Madonsela.

She said they would be suing the minister and board members, and would ask for costs from them as individuals.



  1. Mrs. Madonsela, you have my vote to stay in office. Never has an individual been of such immense value to the success of our current democracy.

  2. Now we are getting somewhere, hit ’em in the pocket, where it hurts most.
    Incidentally, the FF is also hot on this Motsoeneng’s trail with a series of very nasty questions in the coming weeks concerning the squandering of public monies by him and his SABC board cronies.
    Is it just me?…. Is there nobody above the level of floor sweeper at the SABC who can speak English at an acceptable or business communication level? I just heard the HEAD of the SABC board on 702 news and I truly found his spoken English of such a shoddy standard both in pronunciation and in grammar as to be complete gibberish.
    This person by the way is the civil servant who appointed Motsoeneng and then went along with Motsoeneng’s R33m over three years EXCLUSIVE little windfall from flogging off the TAXPAYERS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY in the form of broadcast rights!

  3. GO FOR IT!!! We’ve had enough of FOOLS like cloudy! I thought Julius was a joke, but he take the cake!

  4. Nail the money sucker Thuli, thx. Then please join the DA & bring in a few million more votes.

  5. Hopefully they wont have to be so inventive. With their in-house Miracle Worker (his own description) on hand, Hlaudi the Holy will simply walk across Zoo Lake and Sangoma a few billion from retread taxi tyres that he just happened to collect in case of a taxpayer funding shortage.
    I tried to work in Vibrant, as in culture, but this ANC/SABC debacle is all so damned depressingly predictable that I just put my head on the keyboard and wept.

    The future in this country? Mainly bleak, with occasional catastrophes.

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