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The tech billionaire backing Donald Trump

Peter Thiel is standing by Donald Trump, saying the Republican presidential candidate “gets the big things right” and that the US needs a political outsider to fix its systemic problems. The billionaire venture capitalist and Facebook board member

The best tech businesses aren’t really tech

Technology companies are a lot like contemporary art. Their valuations reflect narratives more than anything else, and it’s just as important to devise the right framework to describe a phenomenon as it is to build a beautiful product. Two New

Why e-commerce in SA is falling behind

By global standards, most South African consumers are making their purchases at brick-and-mortar stores, even as the online shopping sphere is poised for stunning growth. But it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the country’s still

Q&A with Sequoia Capital’s Roelof Botha

There are a couple of South Africans who are making their mark across the world. One of them is Sequoia Capital partner Roelof Botha, who has become something of a Silicon Valley superstar. Forbes recently named this South African as one of the

Make or break moment for Bitcoin

Digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin faces a key year ahead that could seal the fate of its long-term adoption, says South African-born Silicon Valley entrepreneur Vinny Lingham. Lingham first integrated Bitcoin payments into his US-based digital gift

SA online spending to top R37bn

Digital payments business PayPal this week said it expects South Africans to spend more than R37bn online in 2016 as a high penetration of smartphones and cross-border shopping drive online spending. Mobile phones and tablets are expected

Around the world in 80 payments

Ever since computers were first introduced into the retail banking system in the late 1950s, there has been the vision of a future world where cash is obsolete. The near death of personal cheques, increase in debit and credit card use, and innovations such as PayPal

PayPal debuts free e-shopping returns in SA

Global Internet payments platform PayPal will now allow South African consumers to return goods purchased using the service, for free. The launch of the PayPal Refunded Return service follows the

Mobile the driver for e-commerce in SA

A new survey by Ipsos indicates that South Africa is on the cusp of an e-commerce boom, and that boom will be driven by mobile. About 22% of South Africa’s Internet users have shopped online, with a further 48% indicating that they intend doing so. And more